Ginnifer Goodwin on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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as white as winter air

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The emotional pain of dealing with both hayfever and a septum piercing.

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*aggressively grabs you by the shirt collar* 

*breaks down in tears on your chest*

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Natural look & sleepy face

Natural look & sleepy face

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Sometimes I English very well but sometimes no

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Me before social events

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Ok, my last few posts were instagram stuff, sorry about that. I’ve had a shitty couple of weeks so I tried to stay out of the house and keep my mind off it. It sorta worked, and now I’m back as usual. Yay me!

Now the dilemma is: to watch Glee 5x17 or not to watch? 

I’ve seen a few Sue-centric clips and all I gathered was:

  • Sue is hilarious and bloody badass
  • I hate Rachel Berry
  • Also Sue getting some? You go gurl.
  • I still hate Rachel Berry
  • I want to be Chris Parnell so hard right now you don’t understand how much I envy his chance to rest his head on Jane’s flawless boobage 
  • Also, serious point: Suester will forever and always be my OTP. I do believe in, maybe, 10 years time, they’ll meet again and realise they’re soulmates or something grandiose like that. BUT I am loving Sue/Mario. Why? Well, first of all, the fact that Sue is finally allowing someone to get to know her and love her. Second, brilliant dynamics (and great chemistry, I’d say!). Absolutely hilarious and at the same time adorable.
  • Also I hate Rachel. A lot. 

Why are you giving me good stuff and drawing me back into your black hole of despair, Glee? WHY?! 

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So sassy! #me #selfie #drama

So sassy! #me #selfie #drama

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